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Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases Covers Chargers And Accessories

Below are Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and Galaxy Tab models that we have cases, chargers and accessories for. These accessories include: cases, car chargers, screen guards, USB cables, mains chargers, antennas, patch leads, memory cards and more. Click on a picture to show a list of accessories for that model.

Accessories For Current Samsung Galaxy Handsets

Accessories For Previous Generation Samsung Handsets

We have chargers for your Samsung mobile, Samsung Galaxy accessories and chargers, screen protectors, Galaxy S docks, cases and covers and much more.

We also have accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab dock, Samsung Galaxy tab charger, screen protector, data cable, cover and cases and much more

Samsung Galaxy Cases And Accessories

Each different Samsung device comes with a slew of accessories you can purchase to go along with it. Picking up something to keep the device safe is a must, so go with protective cases like the Flip Wallet Case, LifeProof Cases, OtterBox Cases, or S-View Cases and protective screens like a regular screen guard or a tempered glass screen protector.

Samsung Fast Chargers

For battery power, look at mains chargers, powerbanks, in car chargers, and car cradles.

Other accessories to look out for are Bluetooth headsets for hands free chatting, and Bluetooth speakers to play music through.

Samsung Mobiles A Brief History

Samsung started out in 1938 in Seoul, as a trading company, before diversifying into other areas like textiles and retail. In the late 1960's they added electronics to their portfolio. Then, in 1986, Samsung mobile was founded. Their first mobile phone model, the SH-100 was released in 1988 and sold approximately 2000 units.

Fast track to the 1990's where Samsung started to become an electronics powerhouse, becoming synonymous with LCD screens, memory chips and, yes, mobile phones. Their biggest success was yet to come though. In 2003, the SPH A500 flip phone was released and was a huge success with customers worldwide. They also released their first foray into the smartphone and 3G market with the SCH-i600.

By 2008 Samsung were releasing full touch screen models, then in 2010 the flagship Galaxy S was debuted. The Galaxy S has been the darling of Samsung's catalogue, and started the ever popular Galaxy series. The Galaxy S sold over 25 million units worldwide, and Time Magazine listed it as the number 2 device in its 2010 edition of "Top 10 Gadgets". Its descendants include the S range, the Note range, the Ace range, the Young range, and the Fit range.

Also in 2010, Samsung released their first tablet computer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which was also the first tablet to run an Android operating system. The tablets come with 3G, 4G, or wifi service, depending on the model.

In 2012, Samsung became the leading producer of smartphones worldwide.

From the Galaxy S, Samsung have gone from strength to strength.


According to reports from this year, Samsung have a 32% share of the Australian smartphone market, and a 24.6% share of the smartphone market worldwide. This means they are the #1 selling smartphone worldwide, however they've just been eclipsed by Apple in the Australian market. Samsung have a 17% share worldwide in the tablet market, trailing Apple.

The Galaxy series is extremely popular in Australia, from business use with the Galaxy S20, to in the home with the Galaxy Tabs, to kids with the Galaxy Young series. There is the perfect Galaxy device for everyone.

Because The Samsung Galaxy runs on Android there is a lot more possible you can do with them than your average Apple device. Built on an open source platform, Androids are perfect for people who like to tinker with their devices and have a less "closed" technology than iOS.

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